Step 1

Define Your Goals & Objectives

To begin, define your academic and personal objectives as the top priority. If you begin by first determining what you want to gain from this media experience, it can help you define if this program is the best fit for you. Some factors to consider are:


  1. Do you want to study a specific subject from the Media and Entertainment Industry in India?
  2. Do you need to satisfy degree requirements while in India or do you prefer to take elective courses of personal interest to you?


  1. Do you want or need to take courses in a language other than English while in India?
  2. Do you want to learn another language in India?


  1. Are you flexible about the timing of your study abroad program?
  2. What quarter, semester or year might be best for your plan?
  3. Do you want to study multiple media programs?


  1. Do you prefer an independent, autonomous experience in a foreign country or guided learning with peers and instructors?
  2. Do you prefer a highly structured media program or one requiring a higher degree of personal motivation and self-reliance?


  1. How much does India inspire you as a country?
  2. How comfortable are you in new environments?
  3. How do you define your travel comfort zone and how far are you willing to push your boundaries?


  1. Do you want to explore an international workplace environment?
  2. Have you thought about how studying Media in India can increase job opportunities?
Step 2

Research Your Study Abroad Options

Identify the methods you will use to pay for your program and define how much you can spend early on.

  • Do you meet our program’s eligibility requirements?
  • Do you have any personal needs that require special accommodations or consideration?
  • Do you have any academic or health concerns that might make a particular program’s location, activities or schedule difficult for you?
Step 3

Meet with advisers

Want to meet with a particular adviser? Please email them to set up an appointment.

Discussing your study abroad plans with your academic adviser and developing an education plan will help you stay on track and get the most out of the experience. Some questions to discuss with your academic adviser:

  • How will the course completed abroad apply to my degree requirements?
  • Are there academic terms that work particularly well for my experience abroad?
  • How will the media program help me find employment in the Media and Entertainment industry in India?