As we say "The Opportunity is just a Handshake away".

We are here to take you through a memorable journey filled with loads of experiential learning and fun, with a sprinkle of serious academics.  At the end of this remarkable journey of 45 days you shall experience INDIA, in a fascinating manner which no Business school could ever offer you. Your learning is incomplete without knowing India!


You shall swim across the most stable yet fastest growing Indian Economy which the World cannot ignore. It is the most varied and complex economies in the world, and yet it has successfully been able to withstand all types of fiscal depressions and oppressions over time.


We shall handhold you to know and learn about India and what opportunities awaits you here, helping you to fulfil your aspirations by leveraging your skills to become an Entrepreneur or a even leading a business house of India or representing a multinational organization to set shop in India.


Our experiential learning curriculum shall be a mix of classroom lectures and certification which will help you to earn those important Credits and interactive sessions with various industry thought leaders who will share with you their invaluable experience of doing business in India.

You shall walk within and around the sector including moving up and down the value chain, and will be guided to introspect and intersect it both vertically and horizontally so that you cut the best Vertical Slice of your India Experience.

Your visit and learning will make you take that leap ahead compared to your contemporaries. 

It’s the time which you have spent today that will give you the leverage and make you ready for your future. 
You will create your own Benchmark!

Come and experience India with us and be well prepared for the great future you want to rule upon!